Central Romania

buldinglandmidiasAfter a visit to Central Romania in a place called Medias we were introduced to children who are HIV positive, only because they have been give blood by dirty needles.

We saw these children isolated not allowed to mix with our children due to ignorance and fear, this touched our hearts so much that we felt we had to do something about it thus began another miracle, land was bought and a home built so that these children could get together and have a time of rest bite together. The day that we took some for a picnic was one of the best days we have had in Romania. We were able to hand this building over to the president of the aids foundation.

There are lots of more stories to be told about how great our God is and how he provides for his children. He has kept us over these last nearly 18 years and it is to Him we give all the glory what a mighty god we serve and if you do not know hime then come and talk to us and we will tell you more about him and his provision.