A vision was sparked in 1997 that would help the suffering people of Romania and in turn provide them with work, a home and from this they would learn valuable skills that would enable them to be more self efficient.

Arthur the selfless man behind all this knew that this would be a process. In 2003 he met Koloa and arranged to take shoe boxes to a very poor family in Oradea and not only did it change the family’s life but Arthur’s and Koloa’s. Since then Koloa now leads all the work in Romania and continues to a fantastic job while Arthur liaises from England. However this has not been the charity work Hope Carriers Trust has done. From Arthur’s first trip to Romania in 1997 to today many schools, kindergartens, orphanages and many ordinary people in need of helped have been aided by Arthur.

Unfortunately there are still many people out in Romania that need your help. You and Arthur can help communities and families move on from poverty. With your help we can refurbish the property bought in Oșorhei in the Northwest of Romania which already has been a huge success as it has a small shop, workshop and a large garden where the vegetables are grown and now with a new additions to the garden; a couple of turkeys to go along side the chickens it is becoming a more sustainable environment for people to use.

With the refurbishment, we can extend the property which will enable us to bring more children who are ward of court to us a home to live. Unfortunately all these things and plans cost money so we are not only in the hands of God but in the hands of you. We understand that times are hard everywhere in the world today but any small donation will help change a child’s life and even a family’s life.

This new attachment to the building will help bring people and protect them from diseases that are so easily caught when living on the streets. It has always been Hope Carrier Trusts aim right from the beginning not just to take aid out continually but to show the people we aid how to continue living for themselves and be able to eventually provide for themselves and you too could be a part of better people’s life with a donation as small as just £1.